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Orlando Medical Day Spa Offers Facial Rejuvenation with No Downtime

2010-07-22 10:37:00

Dr. Kenrick Spence, Medical Director of Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute Now Offering Facelift Alternative: Requires No Downtime

Cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence, MD, FACS is expanding his facial rejuvenation offerings through his Orlando medical day spa, Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute. In addition to the full range of surgical options Dr. Spence offers at his plastic surgery practice, he now offers exciting nonsurgical options in Orlando for facial rejuvenation with no downtime.

Hillcrest Aesthetic Facelift Alternative
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"In my many years of experience as a plastic surgeon, I have learned that cosmetic surgery is not necessarily for everyone," says Dr. Spence. "Today's facial rejuvenation patient can look years younger without surgery thanks to recent advances in cosmetic products and skin treatments in Orlando at our medical spa."

Recognizing the growing demand for nonsurgical "age management" solutions, Dr. Spence created the Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute."The Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute combines the latest products and treatments with the skills and experience of highly trained medical professionals, all in a beautiful, state of the art facility," says Dr. Spence.

One of the most exciting options for Dr. Spence's patients is a "no downtime" facelift, which typically combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, chemical peels, and injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and BOTOX in Orlando. Dr. Spence works with each patient to determine which combination of treatments will work best for their skin type, as well as their particular age-related concerns.

"For optimal age management, you have to start with the right diagnosis, options and guidance," explains Dr. Spence. "I am passionate about helping our patients achieve healthier, more beautiful skin through comprehensive care. We combine reparative, restorative, and preventative measures for optimal results."

IPL treatments and chemical peels can result in skin that is more evenly pigmented, smoother, and firmer. The addition of dermal fillers replaces volume that is lost with age, and can lift the brow, plump the lips, and fill lines, folds, and wrinkles. BOTOX Cosmetic injections can smooth neck bands, crow's feet, forehead furrows and frown lines. All of these options require no incisions, no anesthesia, and now downtime whatsoever, which makes this a more convenient alternative to face lift surgery.

Dr. Spence is quick to add that facial rejuvenation is a long-term commitment that he makes to each of his patients. "We develop a plan that not only makes a patient look better in the short term, but also improves the overall quality and beauty of the skin for the long term." This involves customizing a physician-supervised skin care protocol for each patient to maintain and enhance the results of their treatments.

Dr. Spence adds "I have seen that, when my patients look their best, they feel better, too. Helping my patients to feel more attractive and confident is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do. If I can make that process more convenient and more comfortable for the patient, then I am especially pleased."

About Dr. Kenrick Spence

Dr. Kenrick Spence offers health and beauty services that cover the full spectrum from aesthetic plastic surgery to less invasive age management programs, including facial fillers and Orlando BOTOX Cosmetic injections. Kenrick Spence, M.D., F.A.C.S., received his medical doctorate from the University of Connecticut, completed five years as a general surgery resident, and trained in plastic surgery specifically through a residency at the University of Texas.

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